Kid’s Stuff

Here are some of our favorite Kid’s stuff for your kids!

 It’s important to have an active imagination as a child and laugh and have fun! So here are some great products to create laughs, smiles, fun with your children. We’ve got personalized kids books where your child can be the main character! Does he/she like to be the villain or the hero?! Stuffed animals to fall asleep with, branded toys for this years favorite characters, and last but not least check out Ty’s toy box for some cool little toys and kid’s stuff to play with during the day! Check it out below!

And if you live in Schenectady NY you should check out this wonderful Daycare center! Schonowe Daycare provides you with a stress reduced day at work so you don’t have to worry about your children! They will be in great hands smiling, laughing, and learning! The daycare is full of great kid’s stuff for them to play and learn! Check them out at


Your child can create his/her own story… and they can be the main character too!  Very Cool!!

one of our coolest items for kid's stuff is the new "I see me" personalized children's book
Check out this link here to find “I SEE ME” personalized children’s books!



The Kimmy Shop is your spot for all all the branded items you could wish for. Star Wars, Avengers, Minions, Turtles, Disney, and so many more.

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. What’s sweeter than these?



Let’s see, did we miss anyone? Oh yeah, here’s Dora, Sesame Street, and Paw Patrol, Spongebob,Thomas and many more. Take a look!!










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